Thousand Empty Light
Thousand Empty Light
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Thousand Empty Light

Alfred Valley
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Thought space was full of horror? Try being trapped 50 metres underwater. On your own. In the dark.

What is this?

Thousand Empty Light is a source book and solo adventure for the Mothership RPG (1E) set in an abandoned underwater tunnel on an uninhabited planet.

It blurs the line between sci-fi horror source material, Mothership adventure and universal solo toolkit.

You, the player, take on the role of a lamplighter hired by the HAZMOS service corporation. Your job? Enter the tunnel alone and restore power and light to each section.

Sounds simple enough... but as you proceed through the tunnel you will discover that you’re not alone in the dark and things aren’t quite what they seem.

Expect a blend of psychological, conspiracy and cosmic horror. Play to find out what secrets lie at the end of the tunnel.

What's it like?

Thousand Empty Light is written throughout as an in-universe corporate document, with a dash of red tape bureaucracy here, a splash of 80s synthesiser manual there. There are no explicit references in the text to playing a game. Instead it aims for full immersion, with gameplay hints sprinkled between the lines.

Essentially this is an experiment in tabletop adventure design, requiring a healthy amount of interpretation from the player.

Want to find out more?

A work in progress, text only version is available on

Fancy watching the game played? Plus One EXP has you covered.

Risograph printed full-bleed in black. Slightly smaller than A5. Printed on Evercolour Cream 80gsm, and covers on Context Pistachio 170gsm.